How to get rid of Hemorrhoid Quickly - Step by Step Guide

How to get rid of Hemorrhoid Quickly - Step by Step Guide

Once had experienced having hemorrhoid and it did affect my living in terms of my functionality. It was a distractive experience such that I have to get fewer actions and the extra discomforts I have make me more uneasy. It was causes anxiety though, but I am determined in order to have it healed. The first question that pops out my mind is how to get rid of hemorrhoid quickly, so I did my research and applied it personally. It was right then and there were I found out that mine was caused by an excessive amount of stress.

To help it become clearer, I work in a marketing and advertising company for fashion as an assistant head supervisor. It was a time demanding job because I am designated by my boss to do canvassing and also to travel back and forth in search for the good quality materials. There are special occasions organized by our company in which I was constantly given the responsibility for catering foods and venue. I only have few hours of sleep for most of my days but I did not mind that at first because I enjoyed my job so much, but not until I got hemorrhoid.

So much to that, I did not waste any time as soon I got my research on how to get rid of hemorrhoid quickly. The first thing Used to do had been to take a warm half bath; it was calming which made it easier for me to put into sleep having enough time to rest. When I woke up, I took my late lunch of cereal and match it with a cool pineapple juice. The meal was fine and it was also suggested foods to take for those who have hemorrhoid. After which I do few minutes of light exercise as it was stated on the research also. I really followed the ways wholeheartedly with much determination.


Just before dinner time, I prepared a chamomile tea and enjoyed every sip of it while I am having a relaxing newspaper reading. The time was adequate to be able to finish my tea and have myself fully laid on the bed which is not a good idea to sit and indicate long periods to people having hemorrhoids.


"Embarrassing" doesn't even BEGINNN to explain this story... I hope you guys enjoy what happened to me on this HORRIBLE NIGHT D: Love you XOXO Gigi ...

Even if I did the natural ways, I still consider applying vitamin e antioxidant to the affected area of my hemorrhoid to make such distress feel better. I punctured the tip of the vitamin e capsule and apply it generally.

All was a big success just as I have wished with regard to and even around know it no longer happened to me because I effectively pursue on how to get rid of hemorrhoid quickly.

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